We have developed a unique product called Centric, which enables effective time and attendance, using data collected from bio-metric devices that can be connected via LAN, WIFI or 3G/GPRS


Geo tagging

Utilising Geo tagging via google API, employers will ensure that you pay your employees & contractors the correct remuneration for the time attended. Whilst knowing where they are.


Centric uses the latest biometrics and encryption to verify users. Secure
login’s can also be used to check on vulnerable staff/contractors when working alone.


Never start a new employee or contractor without ensuring they read and sign all required documentation, forms and policies. All individually time stamped, digitally signed and available across any device.


Centric records all staff and contractor time accurately. Matching time booked against time onsite with
Geo tagging.


Allocate jobs & projects to individual team members and see the full picture in a real time dashboard. View cost over budgets in multiple views.


Set bespoke workflow’s and approval’s with preset authorisation and workflow approval. Use email and text notification to monitor project progress.

full cloud-hosted solution 

Expenses and Allowances

Manage site visit mileage with real time accurate distance calculations using GPR feature coupled with Google Distance API

Project Cost Accounting

Allocate jobs & projects to individual team members and see the full picture in  a real time dashboard. View cost Vs budget in multiple views.

Traffic Lights

A unique traffic light approach to data accuracy is automatically applied to each timesheet, providing managers with a visual indication of declarations compared to attentance