Bespoke Developments

Combining technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge we develop tailored software to meet your needs and ensure connectivity between systems.

It starts with an idea

Few things have the potential to transform the performance and productivity of your organisation as much as bespoke software does. By automating processes from the complex to the mundane, and systematising the management and sharing of critical information, customised software has the potential to improve efficiency dramatically, and to substantially reduce overheads.

There could be many reasons why you are looking for a software solution; you might have been getting by using spreadsheets which have become unwieldy and cumbersome; you may have outgrown your current system – or perhaps you’ve not really needed one until now. While there’s no shortage of off-the-shelf packages to address generic business needs, these one-size-fits-all solutions will inevitably require you to make compromises to the way you want to work. 

Present can design custom software that will fit your requirements precisely, automating processes for a measurable business advantage. The software solutions we develop give organisations the scope to grow.

The combined inbuilt functionality and availability mean they can adapt as business needs change.

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Advantages of a tailored solution
Tailored To You.

The software is developed and built to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that you get software that works exactly how you need it to and delivers the results you want.

No Per-User Fees

Software that we develop belongs to you and if you own the software, you won’t have to pay extra per-user fees as your business grows.

Competitive Advantage

 it could give you a competitive edge. An effective software package can make a company work more efficiently, improve their performance and have a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels.

Improved Process Mapping

Bespoke systems offer far better process mapping and provide smoother integration between existing and legacy system.


Not Tied In

You own the intellectual property, so you are not tied to a specific vendor that could potentially disappear at any time.

More Flexible

bespoke system can evolve over time to match your changing requirements.

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