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Our distribution network solution structures and transforms all dealer / franchises communication in a secure, audit-able and effective manner that eliminates errors and latency from your network

A product with a proven track record spanning more than 18 years and constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technologies and standards.

A single place for all processes

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A True Story of Success

Triumph Motorcycles have been a pioneering user of our INET4 framework for the last 18 years and by using our solution they have grown the business globally. INET4 has provided a platform for growth emerging markets.

Working with Triumph Motorcycles during the past 18 years, we have developed a SaaS framework, which handles all processes between the dealership and the OEM. Our INET4 distribution network solution structures and transforms all dealer / franchise communication in a secure, auditable and effective manner that eliminates errors and latency from your network. This power solution enables real-time collaboration, translating into a more efficient, responsive and agile network. Dealers access current information, product specifications, services, parts and accessories, along with up-to-the-minute accurate delivery information, order status and much more. The rich collaboration enables dealers, subsidiaries and managers to interact online for all key processes. Now you can gain better service, reduce processing costs and get relief from costly dealer inquiries. The bottom line is that your organisation has time to focus on what really matters - getting more savings.

  • Designed for large Global OEMs to communicate with extended organisations with No duplication of data and complete control.

  • Role based communication with  a comprehensive complete audit trail, with all knowledge retained within system.

  • Efficient system to manage design changes and publishing across various stake holders.

  • Fast updating and publications of Service & Workshop data.

  • Advanced Smart and intuitive EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogues/Ordering).

  • Highly effective system for distribution of Training programme content. Highly reliable, advanced and current Microsoft technologies.

  • 100% Web Based Application (Cloud/SaaS).

  • 100% .NET Managed Code – Developed entirely in C# / JavaScript.

  • N-Tiered software and hardware –Availability 356x24x7

Does your engineering design department experience problems?

  • Part ordering errors due to incorrect part information contained in out of date part catalogues.

  • Design changes take too long to reach the market.

  • Super seeded parts used across multiple models.

  • Processes feeding design owners too slow,

Do you have an efficient forward order planning system?

  • Allow dealers/distributors to visually forward order by unit/month/weeks.

  • Interactive online system, with workflow between dealer and sales manager.

Do you have full visibility / control of your international point of sales across all markets?

  • When products are moved from distributor to sub-dealer, does your sub-dealer have access to all your OEM processes and product data?

  • Is the final product sales by sub-dealer recorded in real-time and is all customer data collected?

  • How do you manage the demand from your sub-dealers?

  • How do you  distribute your product information to the sub-dealers? (Part Catalogues, Service Data, Workshop Manuals)

Do you have electronic Product / Service information?

  • Across all markets in multiple languages and price lists.

  • Self managed and published in real-time.

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